Here it Goes!

1. Dashboard for a CRM Solution for a Copper Manufacturing Company

The Client
The client, a leading producer of copper in the world is headquartered in Mumbai, India.  With assets of more than USD 9 Billion and nearly 20,000 employees spread globally, it commands over 40% share in domestic copper market. It has 14.2 million tonnes of copper ore reserves in Australia and operates India's largest private sector continuous cast copper rods plants through copper smelting and refining.

Business Case
The client's sales management involved
emails, telephonic calls and MS Excel
sheets, which was manual and resource
dependent. All the information was
collated at the end of the month to get a
monthly sales data, which was time-
consuming and prone to errors, and thereby
ineffective for streamlining production and
inventory. The client decided to implement
a Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Business
Intelligence solution to increase
operational effectiveness of its sales team.

Tools Used : Pentaho

Solution : 
Sigma Infosolutions has implemented a customized CRM solution for Sterlite. The core solution has been built using GRAIL framework (J2EE based) and the reporting has been built using Pentaho. The solution has Dashboard reports, JPivot Reports
(OLAP), Scheduled Reports, Bursting of daily sales data for all sales people.

2. Improved Breakdown Predictions for a Start-Up Providing Network Monitoring and Breakdown Prediction Software by Developing a User Friendly Dashboard

The Client
The client is a US based start-up providing software solutions for network monitoring and predicting breakdowns in the network.

Business Case
Large amount of data had to be
collected from the various devices and
servers in the network, which was
analyzed to predict breakdowns in the
network. The client was looking for a BI
offering that could display the
analyzed data through a user friendly

Solution :

Sigma Infosolutions built a dashboard using a leading open source business intelligence tool, which helped the client to easily comprehend the analyzed data and facilitated the prediction of failures in the network.

Tools Used : Pentaho

3. Improved Reporting for a Leading Provider of Channel Visibility Management Solutions by Developing a Customized Reporting Tool

The Client
The client is a leading provider of channel visibility management solutions to hi-tech companies worldwide. Based out of US, it has 1500 partners spread across 140 countries and clientele comprising of many industry majors.

Business Case
The client was using a commercial reporting tool to create and deliver reports to its customers. However, managing this tool was proving to be a challenging and an ensive task. To address an ever increasing demand from the client's customers it became imperative for the client to employ a cost effective reporting tool to deliver these services.

Sigma Infosolutions evaluated a couple of open source solutions by taking in to account the client's specific requirements and finally implemented Jasper Intelligence. This solution was implemented in Linux environment on JBoss Application server and was seamlessly integrated in to the clients overall framework of open source solutions. This solution helped the client to migrate customer reports from the existing tool to the new platform easily.

Tools Used : Jasper, JBoss Application Server

4. Increased Bottom-line for a Leading Telecom Company by Developing an Excel based Reporting Tool

The Client

The client is a telecom major based out of India, having a sales turnover of USD 4 Billion. It is one of the largest providers of fixed line, mobile, and broadband services in India.

Business Case 
The switches used by the client receives
many calls everyday, however not all
calls are getting billed. Unanswered
calls, calls going to voice mail, dropped
calls are all non revenue generating
calls. The client wanted to track and
analyze these non revenue generating
calls in order to improve the call
conversion ratio and improve revenues

Solution :
Sigma Infosolutions implemented a Kettle based solution, which extracted and processed data from its various switches everyday. This data was then aggregated in an excel sheet and emailed to the stakeholders at a fixed time of the day. This tool also computed call conversion ratios. This eventually helped the client to analyze the calls efficiently and thus increased its revenue. 

Tools Used : Pentaho

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